What is the stander of a good mold?

  A good mold can make sure the molding parts dimension is as design.
  A good mold can make sure you donn’t need take weeks to fit the mold after arrived. A good mold can make sure you donn’t need put more labor cost to rebuild the mold or eliminate the flash. It also mean you wonn’t meet the unexpect molding problem and stop the production, you can delivery the parts to your customer on time.
  We deeply know how important a good mold for customers production, so we are proud and confident to say each mold we made is a good mold, JNP would be your good choice with competive price. 

  How Jnp build a good mold?

  1, Part design Analysis

  Sometimes part designer is not familiar with mold making, so the first thing we need check the part design and provide mold making feasibility. This can help you make the perfect part design.

   2, Mold design

  Engineering staff with more than 20 years of experience in mold design, with this we can provide you a good mold design to prevent some accident in mold making and molding production.

   3,Mold steel

  We know the qualified steel is much important for mold quality. So we insit to use qualified steel, our steel and component suppliers are including DME, HASCO, ASSAB, DAIDO, LKM, Merkle, HASCO, Moldmaster, YUDO . Each mold will have certification for all steel and heat treatment.

   4, Mold making

  Base on our well-trained mold maker and state-of-the-art equipment, we are good at each step of mold making processing.

   5, Sample approval

  The sample is molding by customer requied material. part inspection, Video and molding parameter of mold trial are supplied to our customer.

   6, Never stop our step

  It seems it is ok for a mold ship to customer, but we donn’t stop here, the mold need run 6 hours production trial on the machine as part of our quality control system, we will video the whole production trial run for your reference. This also can help you set-up easier in your factory.